Our annual signature event, Word Up: Long Island LitFest is Long Island’s first literary festival — a full day of live readings by best-selling authors, columnists and writers who enjoy interaction with audiences. We also offer opportunities for book sales and signings.

Our mission is simple:  To bring together readers and writers.  And to provide authors with a forum for their works.

This is a day to disconnect from our gadgets and connect with each other.  Jerry Seinfeld, when asked why he continues performing stand-up comedy, said in a New York Times Magazine article, “We’re craving the non-digital even more these days, the authentically human interactions.”

How It Works:  There are two reading sessions throughout the day, in which each writer takes a turn at the microphone.  Following each session, there are breaks for snacks, book sales and signings.

Founded and produced by the award-winning journalist and author, Claudia Gryvatz Copquin, during the year, we also create one-off literary events featuring writers, under the “Long Island LitFest Presents…” banner.

Claudia Gryvatz Copquin

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Our Advisory Board:

Liza Burby, Journalist and author

Iyna Bort Caruso, Emmy Award winning writer

Michael Casano, co-founder, Northport One-Act Play Festival

Paula Ganzi Licata, writer/founder, Widow2Point0


Special Thanks to:

Walt Whitman Birthplace